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About Wizardry

We use the original meaning of the word ‘wizardry’: ‘the art of spiritual wisdom’. A ‘wizard’ is therefore someone who practices, who is an expert in, the art of wisdom. This wisdom helps wizards deal with any situation they could be faced with. Whether it be of a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual nature. A wizard may be male or female.

The word ‘wizard’ derives from the Middle English word (dating from 1100-1500) wys, meaning ‘wise’, combined with -ard, a suffix meaning ‘one who does’. The word wys derives in turn from the Proto-Indo-European base (around 5,500 years old), woid-/weid-/wid-, which means “to see,” hence “to know”. This is the original meaning of the word ‘wizard’, and the one that we use – not the more recent meaning associated with magic (more is said on this later).

The reason we are modern wizardry is due to an updating of the ancient practice of wizardry, of wisdom. Our roots reach right back into Lemurian times. But we have updated parts of wizardry to ensure all wizards work together cooperatively. For example, in modern wizardry all wizards share knowledge of core practices. And don’t sub-divide into greater and greater specialisations, which eventually may weaken the strength of the whole network of wizardry. We are building a strong tree that can withstand gales and floods.

The main going of being a modern wizardry is to help restore humanity and the earth to its true nature, to its natural balance, to the path set out for it by Source. We believe that this is why we are all here, what our purpose on earth is. This is summed up in our motto:

‘In humility we better ourselves to help humanity and the earth’

Wizard Specialisation

There are many tools in a Wizards tool box. A Wizard can become a specialist in certain areas. Or a Wizard can aim to be a generalist gathering skills and arts throughout their lives. It really depends on where your journey takes you and which path you wish to explore.

Q. Who can become a Wizard,

A. Anyone can become a Wizard

Q. What can I do to advance my Wizard skills

A. Aim to sense the wryd. When you work with the wryd you will find yourself traveling in directions that will advance your Wizardry. You will find yourself being tested and lessons will be offered for you to learn. Choose to learn skills and craft that use intuition. As intuition is a powerful sense that a Wizard can use to bring balance in all manner of ways. To start your development the first steps are to accomplish the act of Treeing. (See the page Treeing – How Wizards connect to the Universe). And to put into practise the Spiritual Laws of Wizardry which you can find on this page Here.

Are you currently practising any of the following then you are already moving on the path of a Wizard.
  • Spiritual Re-balancing
    • Earth Energy Re-balancing
      • Yoga
        • Paranormal Investigations
          • Tarot
            • Runes
              • Mediumship
                • Holistic Counselling
                  • Dowsing
                    • Light Healing
                      • Tree Healing
                      • Crystal using
                      • Numerology
                      • Time Mastery
                      • Shaman
                    • Sound
                  • Vibrational Frequency Healing
                • Balance Restoration
              • Doctors
            • Nurses
          • Land Rangers
        • Colour Healing
      • Foresters
    • Nature Tenders
  • Singers and Vocalists
  • Wayfinding
and many more healing and balancing arts to many to mention.

People who are undiscovered Wizards are people who search for knowledge. People who make sacrifices for others are likely to be Wizards. As well as people who are involved in healing or bringing balance to situations,  Peace Makers, Diplomats, Druids, Poets, Musicians etc.

Even if you are currently not actively participating in any of the above or similar. The fact that you are here reading this indicates that you are in the frame and that you are searching for answers. Answers that will suggest to you that being a Wizard is a noble and honourable way of life.

Wizard’s believe in truth, as only the truth can bring balance and healing. Wizards live with honour as only honesty can attract the universal divine light. People who live their lives in beautiful light full of honesty and truth will attract the divine light to become Wayfinders.

About us – Wayfinders Association

About us at Wayfinders Association of Modern Wizardry ( W.A.M.W.) is the overseeing organisation. Its work includes identifying our beliefs, defining the type of work we do, and overseeing wizardry training and assessment.

All Master Wizards are automatically eligible for being Members of WAMW, and all have an equal vote. The Members vote every three years on which of them will be on the Council. The Council has a maximum of thirteen seats on it and will oversee the organisation. The Council may also ask Full Wizards to sit on the Council and in an Emergency Journey Wizards could also be asked to sit on the council for up to 1 year.