Get twenty five percent off with your membership, Wayfinder’s Association Of Modern Wizardry for only £20 per Year and get up to twenty five percent off your shop purchase.

Normally there are five levels in Modern Wizardry.
We believe that every joining member is not a student but a junior on a Journey, as of this we will be starting every member at Journey level.

  • Student Wizards
  • Novice Wizards
  • Journey Wizards
  • Full Wizards
  • Junior Master Wizard
  • Master Wizards

The online Junior learning course will describe all level in more detail.

As we are a non-for-profit organisation, it allows our fee’s to be so much lower that any other organisation. Most organisations charge per month, our aim is to help the people grow and not our bank, so our funds are purely membership and donations given by you, we constantly find ways to improve and guide people on there spiritual path.

Free online academy, and experience the fun and interactive learning.

As part of your yearly membership you will gain full access to conversation from other wizards around the world, also including live interactions with mentors and people to guide that come from different backgrounds and experiences. Also as part of your membership you will receive a “Membership certificate” via email and you will also be able to use the Mobile app, for easy use.

Also part of your £20 a year membership subscription you will be supporting the Amazon kindle 5 Start book “The Time Work Shops” authored by Abrielle Jones.

twenty five percent off with your membership
Get up to 25% of products as a member

Free things coming to your membership:

  • Mobile ISO and Android, Academy APP
  • Free advertisement for your Specialty to members
  • Communication platform for teaching with Biography options
  • Cheap Paid adverts on our front page
  • We always find ways to improve!

** If you subscribe via PayPal, you will have instant access.

** For credit or debit card payments, fill out the form below and select manual/offline. Head to the shop and purchase the academy click here.
Please allow up to 48 hours to gain access to the academy. As our office has to add you in manually at this currant time. When more members come we will purchase and automatic addon.


  • Receive full access to all our academy members and full interactive learning, with an automatic 1 yearly subscription. Which can be cancelled at any time.

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