The Spiritual Laws of Modern Wizardry

Seven lessons that cover The 4 Spiritual Laws and introduce the fundamental concepts of spiritual growth. Such as who we are , why we are here and what to do about it. We hope that this section helps to make sure people are on the right path in life, and facing the right direction.

As you work through the laws, note each one down on a piece of A5 card. so you can see it each day, to help keep the laws fresh in your mind.


one plus one equals one

Lesson 1: Finding the ONE in you

 This is the first Spiritual law of Modern Wizardry. What do you think it means?

The first spiritual law states that you must find the ONE within you, because you are part of the ONE, you are ONE with everything in the Universe.  How can this be? You may ask. To understand this concept will allow your personal growth and development to gather pace.

In Modern Wizardry we understand that the ONE is everything. In the long line of human development the One has been called ‘Spirit, the Divine, God, Goddess, Universal light, Source, Creator’. Even today as you read this, new names are being developed to provide a description for this energy of the universe, that exists to guide and promote growth in all beings.

Remain Balanced

Growth can only be accomplished with energy, we know that growth is best achieved with the energy of love. We are pure energy given existence to develop ourselves, through our role as human beings in this reality, this NOW.

To be here, right now, reading this, means that you are already aware that you should be finding something to complete yourself.

So how do you find your ONE and open up to it, again in human tradition. we may refer to the ONE that resides within us, as ‘Soul, Spirit, Higher self, light source, energetic self,’ use the name that you are comfortable with, because it is still the ONE.

Lay down somewhere quiet and comfortable.

Start with a simple meditation. Cross your palms over your heart Centre, use a positive affirmation that you may repeat. For example you could say “I am finding the ONE within me,”  or “I am finding my higher self within me,” the reference to that part of you that is the ONE is important.

Crossing your palms over your heart Centre (or higher Heart Centre). Completes the love energy circuit, from your giving hand, to your receiving hand. Your hands will feel most comfortable in the right combination for you at that time.

Consider how this feels for you, you could write this ‘feeling’ in your diary

To experience spiritual growth you need to be able to feel and offer unconditional love to all. As all is the ONE, we are all part of the same ONE. Every living thing in the universe is connected through the ONE. With every atom of sand and every energetic particle of energy.

Feel inner love

How to find and develop unconditional love is something we have already all experienced, we just need to recognise it.  Unconditional love is love without conditions, you just love everything as it is, part of the ONE.

To develop it further you need to put into practise some exercises. Start by laying down somewhere quiet. Thinking of someone you love (not romantic love) but sibling love, your best friend love, think of that person, smile at that person, let that glow build up inside you. When you are ready transfer that glowing feeling to your favourite plant or your pet. Hold that feeling and the new thought image together for 20 seconds, keep smiling. Look at the new item from every angle, visualise the plants beautiful leaves, the wonderful green etc. REALLY look at it with your mind. (everything in the universe deserves your smile).

Now transfer that glowing loving thought to a solid object that you like. An ornament or perhaps a crystal or rock or even the wall of your favourite room. Push that love against the solid object. Let yourself give a little wriggle as you squeeze your unconditional love thoughts into the sold object.

How did that feel, how do you feel?  Write this down in your diary

Practice makes perfect

Continue to practise this exercise every day if you can. DO NOT feel guilty if you miss it from time to time. But DO remember those loving feelings

So now that you have put into practise Unconditional love you will be feeling the ONE. It may only be from time to time, it may be for large segments of the day. But you will know the feeling, it has always been within you, and it will never leave you. As you develop your connection with these exercises you will begin to notice that you make the right choice. When a decision comes up, you will not be afraid to make the right choice even if the right choice is more difficult. Because you will be sure and strengthened by your feeling of connection.

So the first spiritual law is about finding the ONE within YOU

Lesson 2: Finding the ONE in Everything

The second lesson of Finding the ONE is to recognise that you can connect to the ONE in everyone else, and everything in the Universe. This is possible as we all share the same energy with the ONE. This is the energy that was created at the dawn of time, and from which all things have come.

You can find and connect with the ONE. Once you have mastered finding the ONE in yourself. In fact as a Wizard, you will be encouraged to connect with the ONE in all things.

The Earth contains a large source of ONEness that you are connected to. All the living beings on earth also share with you their connection to the energy of the ONE.

To share and experience the uniqueness of the ONE contained in all things, first connect to your own ONE through the exercises described in lesson 1.

Now once you are feeling the tingle of the ONE within you, visualize a stream of energy leaving yourself from your third eye Centre, and approaching who or what you want to connect with. As your energy stream reaches the outermost aura of your target. You will become aware of that person or object in a new way, you will sense and feel the connection between you growing stronger, and a warm loving sensation will start to flow between you.


This may be the best way to connect if you haven’t yet asked for permission to connect with their energetic self. As long as permission has been granted for a deeper connection. You may then connect to the crown position just above the top of the head. Just above the object which will itself be connected to the ONE,  the Universal energy. As well as the higher energies of the higher self.

By connecting to the ONE in other beings, or objects, we strengthen them, and help them to grow spiritually. You yourself by helping others to experience spiritual growth will also grow.

As you grow spiritually you will be able to recognise the lessons more clearly, and take on board the wisdom of the lessons, it is wisdom that all Wizards need to gather to be able to complete their task of bringing balance to the planet.

  • Try these exercises and record your feelings in your diary
    • Try connecting with your loved ones
    • Then with inanimate objects, crystals are good (ask permission first)
    • Once you are confident, start to use this ONE connection to bring balance and spiritual growth to those that you have conflict with, also strangers you meet in the street. There is a great deal of rebalancing required to be accomplished in the world today.

Lesson 3 – Finding the One

The third lesson to understand. Finding the ONE is to focus on the One itself and what the One means to us.

In the previous lessons we taught how the ONE is in all things and how we can connect to it. Now we are going to discuss how the ONE is all that there is. Everything is the ONE which means that the ONE includes all knowledge and experience. Of everything that the Universe has ever seen or known since the beginning. Therefore the ONE contains the ultimate source of all knowledge, so how are we to tap into this ultimate source.

Because the ONE is the ultimate source of all, it requires that we also grow. It knows what is good for all and everything, it encourages growth in life and change in all. If you have mastered the unconditional love exercises and put them to use in your daily life. And LIVE your life with unconditional love for all things. Then the Wisdom of the ONE will begin to manifest through you. Only your own ego will cause you not to utilize the full wisdom. Changes will occur when you start to use the wisdom of the ONE.


Your path in this reality is called the Wyrd. This is the name that Wizards call your destiny, or personal destiny. The ONE will guide you on your Wyrd if you let it. To allow the ONE to guide you, you have to let go of EGO and accept that the ONE knows what is best for you. You can trust the ONE implicitly as the love it has for you can reach no bounds. So when you let go of EGO doubts and fears you are able to offer yourself for guidance by offering yourself up. With an affirmation such as ‘I accept thy will whatever it may be’. To prepare yourself for this transition you must have satisfactorily completed and implemented lesson’s one and two of the Spiritual laws of Wizardry.

To reach a level where you notice the lessons in life as you travel your path is only one step, the second step is to absorb and implement those lessons explicitly without question, there will be times when the ONE will choose you to make a sacrifice and you must choose wisely to continue moving along your path, and following your Wyrd. After many successful lessons the ONE may choose to speak to you directly. You must obey without question or slip back to an earlier level of transformation. This is not to be seen as a punishment as the ONE does not punish. But will re-introduce the lesson that you failed to notice and implement in a different way.


In Modern Wizardry the Wyrd (personal path) is an Old English word meaning ‘fate, destiny’. It derives from the Proto-Indo-European base (a language around 5,500 years old) wert- which means, ‘to turn, wind’. In Modern Wizardry it is a word we use to describe how the One will guide us, like a breeze gently pushing in the right direction, but it is always our choice whether we follow this loving guidance or not, whether or not to follow the will of the One, to walk our Wyrd. The Wyrd will always be available to us, even if we haven’t followed it in the past.

The ONE in its loving wisdom will always have a path for us that will allow us to grow spiritually. Although our lives are not predetermined we always have “free will”, which means there are always choices open for us.
The events in our lives don’t just depend on our own choices, the choices of others also affects what happens to us. We therefore have our Wyrd constantly updated, modified and redirected, to accommodate the new choices and lessons we have missed or are still to face. These lessons that we will meet are provided with love to allow us to grow spiritually, it is not rare for some to have to repeat the lesson time after time, with the context of the lesson changing with the spiritual growth stalling until completed. We always have 3 choices in any situation, Positive, Negative, or to follow the Natural flow of our WYRD by handing the situation over to the ONE.


Lesson 4: Stop Seeking, Start Finding!

The second Law of Modern Wizardry is to stop seeking and start finding. Putting aside what you may have been seeking previously. If you have completed and are putting into practise, the lessons of the First law of modern Wizardry, and are connecting to the ONE, then you are in a great position to find what you need in life to progress spiritually, as well as putting these insights into practise with finding things missing or lost from your life rather than endlessly seeking.

Once you are on your true path, your Wyrd, you will be able to recognise and learn from the lessons given to you by the ONE. You will also be able to find the things in life that you need to complete each stage of your spiritual progression.

Because you are consciously following your Wyrd, you can ask and know that what you are looking for is what you need, because it will feel right. If you try to ask for something that you don’t need for your spiritual progression, you will know by how it ‘feels’, that it is a wrong request.

Stop seeking

Your Spiritual progression will come in lessons, and accomplishments, and it does not necessarily follow that you have to embark on a spiritual course, to gain spiritual progression, it may be through becoming involved in helping people, making sacrifice’s, achieving, or even providing a lesson to another.

Once you decide to find something, make sure that you are in a positive frame of mind, and that you are enthusiastic for your quest. Both of these attributes will raise your energy and vibration. And will help in making your request heard in the energetic matrix of the Universe. Using a positive affirmation such as ‘I will find.’ make your request. This can be said in your mind, out loud, and even as a written affirmation. The art of putting it out to the universe is the most important act. For the successful achievement, of finding what you have requested.

Start finding


  • Find something you have lost by using a positive affirmation
  • Put into practise the second law and start finding what you need for spiritual growth and development.

LAW 3 of The 4 spiritual laws

Lesson 5: Doubt Nothing, Question Everything!

Unless you learn to question you can get caught in a negative spiral that will cause you to stagnate. By questioning everything you open the door to new understandings and insights. You will move forward with the natural flow of your WYRD, your WAY. Questioning does not mean doubting a thing it simply means to accept it and question its presence in your life. What purpose does it serve?

Then move forward knowing that the answer if you need it, will come to you.

This law works closely with the law of Finding.  It is important to remember there is NO right or wrong questions. As your questions are dictated by your level of awareness, just as the answers are. It is the act of questioning that opens the door, and fear of the answer that closes it. However whenever possible make your questions Positive ones, as they will move you forward more quickly.

Doubt nothing

Negative questions activate a new learning experience so you can understand. But you move forward more slowly until the penny drops as the saying goes, ie:, the answer suddenly jumps out at you. I am sure you have all had that experience, now you know why.

You asked the ONE / SOURCE a negative question as you wished to understand that particular negative in your life. The most popular of this type of question is Why me?, or variations of this question,  again you need to understand that this was not a wrong question. As it has brought you to this point  of understanding , Why Me ?. Positive questions like ‘Where do I go from here?’ will open up your next step, the answer will appear much quicker.

Question everything

By questioning and accepting we progress along our way. Acceptance does not mean I am in a negative situation and I can’t change it. It means I am in a negative situation how did I help to create it? or I am in a negative situation How can I change it to a more Positive Natural one?  Both of these questions will move you forward more quickly and in both of them you have accepted the situation for what it is as a learning experience. Acceptance is to question, to question is to accept, and this is how you progress along the Way the ONE is guiding you along.

Law 4

Lesson 6: Not Guilty by Reason of Innocence

We can feel guilty when our life programming tells us that we have broken the ‘rules’. But there are occasions in life when we can feel guilty just because we made a mistake. Making a mistake is a normal act in growing. It is based on not knowing and making an effort to achieve something. This could be a positive effort for achievement or a negative effort to achieve something.

Above all learning from our mistakes is a normal and essential method of learning. You shouldn’t be denied this natural learning tool or be made to feel guilty from programming. Or the door for growing could be firmly shut before you even start.  If you are innocent of the consequences of your actions when you made them. Then you can’t be guilty, because by reasoning you must have been  innocent. If you knew the mistake would lead to harming someone. You would not have embarked on the course of action which led to the mistake.

Is it an accident or a mistake?

Accidents are different from mistakes. Accidents are lessons that you learn from. Such as ‘been in a hurry, not watching what you are doing, not handling it carefully enough, not looking where you are going’ and so on. So while accidents are essentially caused by carelessness, the important aspect of an accident is to respond to it positively. Accept the lesson with grace and humility and move on.

Mistakes are caused from a position of innocence and should not endure any guilt at all.

Wizards recognise that removing feelings of guilt are essential for growth, not only spiritually but mentally and physically as well. Guilt feeds the shadow which will build an empire of control around it. Retarding your overall growth so that it can remain in control of your ego. The EGO will invite in the shadow if it needs to bolster its power and refuses to acknowledge the lesson it is supposed to learn. So eliminating guilt is essential for reducing the dominion of your EGO and keeping the door shut firmly on the shadow. Remember neither you or the other person is guilty, you are simply acting from your understanding at that time.

Throw away guilt!

Guilt is a negative emotional feeling and should be eliminated as soon as you recognise it. When something or someone makes you feel guilty, stop and think:. What was it that made you feel guilty, how can you eliminate that ‘trigger’ to stop it from happening again, learn the lesson, absorb the knowledge and then release the negative energy of guilt straight away, do not allow it to hide within.

Positive affirmation   I / They are not guilty by reason of innocence

To release the Negative charge you have taken on board, by thinking they or you are guilty.

You can use 1 or more of the following exercises.

  1. If possible imagine you have surrounded yourself with a white light. Get a candle and light it. Contemplate the light of the candle and let go of your hurt feelings, into the flame, while making the positive affirmation in this Law
  2. If you don’t have a candle soft music would also work with this exercise.
  3. Go for walk or a run. This will get the stagnate energy moving again, and make the positive affirmation as you move along.
  4. Find a place where you can scream and shout, without upsetting anyone else, and do that. When you have finished say the positive affirmation.
  5. Let yourself have a good cry, or laugh or both. Then surround yourself with white light and state the positive affirmation.
  6. Stamp your feet and clap your hands as loud as you can. Being sure you don’t upset anyone else, then surround yourself with white light and a state the positive affirmation.
  7. Picture yourself surrounded by white light. With this then picture and feel this angry and hurt feeling being flowing from your head. Bring it down through your body and onward through your feet into the ground. ( hold nothing back) while saying ” I no longer need this, I am whole and complete, a vessel of light, I reject this darkness within me. And release it into the earth. To be transformed into positive natural energy I can use, ( I forgive them and myself ) and I reaffirm that ( I ) ( They ) are not guilty by reason of innocence”

You have now completed The 4 Spiritual Laws of Modern Wizardry. By applying these principles in your life, we believe that not only will you find your true path in life, but that you will recognise your Wyrd and continue to grow.

The Time Workshops continue where the spiritual laws end and offers advice on how to keep growing all the time. It discusses ways to help you stay in natural time — time when you are one with the ONE — for as much of your time as possible.