TREEING meditation

Your Connection To The Universe

Treeing Meditation – Wizards can connect with the One source as well as the Goddess/Dragon of the Earth by the act of Treeing. This is accomplished by using your inner centre of energy that resides within. And is considered to exist in your lower abdomen area just below your navel. In eastern traditions this is the area that is called the Dan Tien. In the western world this is the area that dowsers know is the centre that controls the dowser’s ability to detect the Universe. Modern scientists have also identified this area as having the largest mass of neurons outside the human brain.

In nature Trees start their growth from a seed. First the tap root bursts out of the seed to anchor itself to mother Earth, to draw sustenance. Secondly the seed starts to grow the stem and its first leaves to receive the energy of the sun. Which it uses to feed the next stage of the roots growth. This backwards and forwards motion of Earth sustenance through the roots and the receiving of energy. To produce the sugar energy to feed the growing Tree is a natural and normal method of Tree growth. This is the method that Wizards utilise when Treeing. Except as Wizards and students of Wizardry we exchange the minerals and water of the Earth for the Mother Earths pure silver energy. We also exchange the suns light for the golden light of the Divine universe.

Practice make perfect

With practise, the act of Treeing will become second nature. Those that already practise meditation or other forms of inner energy control such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Yoga. Will find that Treeing is a more profound method of joining your energies with the Earth and the Divine. Once accomplished you will discover that with practise your Treeing retains its connection to the Earth and the Universe. Wherever you are and you will be able to know that your Tree exists at all time. And drawing in the golden energy of the universe.

Although the act of Treeing meditation can be accomplished while in any position, standing helps the beginner to visualise easier.

Stand upright
Feet apart in a natural pose in line with your hips,
Arms hanging loosely at your side,
Relax and close your eyes

A golden orb of light high above your head

A silver ball of light deep in the Earth
That is the center of the Earth Dragon...

A ball of white light just below the navel,
This is your energy,
You are a living creature of light
This ball of energy can exist within and without of your body.

Now visualize
This energy streaming down your legs into the Earth

Deep into the Earth spreading out like roots of a Tree
Towards the silver ball of the Earths energy,

Now Imagine
Your energy roots drawing up the strength of the Earth
Through your legs up the spine and through the body

Then visualize using the energy
To grow a Tree through the crown of your head,

The Tree growing tall, spreading branches and growing leaves
To capture the golden light of the Divine.

When you have stopped your Tree growing,
Feel the energy coming back into the lower abdomen
To strengthen the inner-self

Allow the light to flood out into all that you are,
Filling your whole body and every single cell
With the universal Divine Love
And the nourishing strength of the Earth…..

Build on your Tree meditation

Another stage of Treeing will be to visualise growing your Tree branches and roots out to meet and touch the natural Trees of the Earth. Where you will be able to join your energy with the Trees of the Earth. This will allow you to directly input your unconditional love into all of nature and the universe.

Expand your love

Further Treeing evolution would be to share your loving energy. Bring the love (green light) from your heart and mix with the energies collected in your lower tummy (Dan Tien). As well as the golden light of the One and the silver light of Gaia, allow all these beautiful healing energies to mix within you. Then share with those that you love by growing your Tree branches outwards to touch all that you care for.

You can further share your healing love with all the challenges that you are aware of. By bringing your love to the desperate and needy. You are capable as a light being to love all things with true unconditional love. Remember you are One with all things. By sharing your love with all things you are loving yourself in a more complete way.

Third eye of treeing

When you feel you are ready to move to the next step. You can allow your third eye sight to expand outside yourself. (keeping your eyes shut) through the skin of your physical body and through the inner layers of your aura. Can you feel and see your aura, at this point? some people can see multiple colours, some can see only one colour of a glowing aura. The multiple colours represent the emotional colours of your aura. While the single colour of a glowing aura would be your inner etheric aura. (typically blue), it is not unusual to see both manifestations while Treeing. Although typically you may only experience one manifestation of your aura. This is the individual nature of seeing and reflects your emotional feminine / male side of which you are at this time.

The method of Treeing is considered an ancient method of connecting to the Divine light.

To understand more about Wizardry visit our About Us page which goes into more understanding of your path and the meaning behind it. Move forward here.